Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Review: What I've Done

Some of you may recall a post at the beginning of the month (for those who don't here it is) I shared with you what I intended to work on during November. Today's post shows you all how far I actually got, and what ended up distracting me.

Rubric Terminators

Sadly, very little has been done to these this month. I think, at most, I've based the fifth guy, and lost and found the final shoulder pad at least twice. Because of that, I think I'll dedicate more time to them next month. Or at least plan to...


Now, a bit more has been done to these guys. All five have been built, based and under-coated  and two have got a bit of paint on them.

The plan is to make them more elaborate and detailed versions of my foot troops, so expect stronger OSL (object source lighting) and more gold.


Since these are much larger models, they will of course take more time. Both buildings have received a brown wash to dull down the desert yellow spray. With the basilica, the patterned floor has been finished, and the front doors are being painted. They'll most likely end up a bright gold, to tie in with the apparent richness of the building's remaining interior.


Some work, which you know of, has been carried out on the Fellblade, primarily the beginnings of the central superstructure. The original was destroyed a long time ago, so an entirely new section was needed. I've also located two doors; leftover from my Deimos Rhino conversion (which I'll come on to in a moment). They will be modified to look more chaotic (trim, icons etc).

I think that, for the next stage, I'll finish off the central hull, and begin the engine or the turret. I'll have decided by the weekend, where I'll be briefing you all on December's plans.


Now of course, people who know me will know I often get distracted with new shiny objects. One of which were some Cultsits, built from the £6 mini-box sets. I've been enjoying painting up the cultists, which can be made very individual and still tie together as a unit. These first five are complete, and I am looking forward to the next batch.

Also, there has been my Deimos Pattern Rhino. Another unit I've enjoyed making, and one I am very happy with thus far. Now all that's needed is paint, but this time, I'll make it an official project for December, instead of a distraction.

Those keeping tabs on the Facebook page will know I've been working on a unit of Mutilators. At the moment, one is complete, and the other two are in-progress. In-game, they do have a habit of dying to bolters, so maybe completing them will bring them luck.

See you all soon, and for further updates, stay tuned into the Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter: @MatthewDavies22.

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