Thursday, 6 December 2012

Matt's Malifaux: The Beginning

Starting a new war-game system is interesting for the experienced player: What you already know about your current game does not apply, everything (or at least most things) are new to you. You are once again the newbie, the new player, the beginner. But most cases, it is not fear, but excitement we feel, when we pick up different models and are ready to play them in a new, exciting way.

This is why I started Malifaux. Whilst I really enjoy my 40k, it is always a good thing to try out something new, and to have a break from the norm.

I've started my adventure with this Ramos crew box. What I get for the sum of £24 is a 'leader' figure, two mecha-spider type swarms, and a big half man, half robot-spider. Something very different to Chaos Space Marines.

Because this is a steam-punk inspired game and force, my bases have been modified to be steam-punk styled. I've gone with a cobblestone effect, which was easily make with a layer of Milliput and some brick-shaping.

The cogs were very easy and cheap to obtain; I simply cannibalised a £1 egg-timer, and placed the cogs as desired.

Paint wise, I will probably stick to the box-art. I feel like testing my skills to see if I can indeed get a similar effective look on my models.

That's all for now, but stay in touch on the Facebook page, where I will update my work on Malifaux.

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  1. Those cogs look great! I'm definitely thinking about getting into Malifaux, the low barrier to entry is really nice. I'm probably going to steal this idea lol, but I'm also on the lookout for more gear and cog bits, as I like variety for my bases.