Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Preview: 100 likes secret project

It was stood there in the dark confines of the cargo hold: like some sort of plasteel golem cursed into immobility. It's limbs were caked in rust and the dust of centuries. It's paint was all but faded, bar one panel. The panel bore a faded green laurel, which was wrapped around the image of a raven, carrying an elongated blood drop.

"Ah, brother Demitrius, we finally meet at last. My my, time has not been kind".

The Ancient machine stayed silent, it's occupier long departed from life and awareness of what was to be.

Conversions are always a great feat of imaginative creation and often turn out how people envision them. I've lately been distracted by the Dark Vengeance starter set.

One model I'be created is a Aspiring sorcerer for a Thousand Sons unit. This was made from the plastic Librarian, a Raptor's Power Sword, a resin Thousand Sons chest-plate and a Chosen backpack. A fun little conversion, which only needs a bit of Greenstuff before it is ready to paint.

I also have some sneak pictures of something much bigger. See if you can guess what it is, and I'll give a full reveal at 100 likes on the Facebook page. I hope that these images will entice you to join...

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