Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The £20 Workbench challenge, Part Two: Work Begins

The workbench is being constructed at a good pace, and there is much more to share with all of my evil underlings and followers (that's you guys).

Cables need not be messy!
The broken wheels have been replaced with fairly cheap (£2.99 for two, Wilkinsons) alternatives. Whilst slightly shorter than the original set-up, the difference is unnoticeable: nothing rolls off the edge, so that's fine by me. 

And the old wheel mounts? I came up with a novel use for them: a cable tidy, like what you see on the back of a household vacuum cleaner.

The upper super-structure is starting to form. The material used is wooden boards (£5.99 for a 9 pack, Homebase), which slot together nicely, and with a bit of glue and nails, make for a suitably strong structure. I wouldn't lean on it, but then again, it's designed for models, not elbows. The wood is strong enough to support a heavy resin Forgeworld Land Raider without reinforcements, so when It's done I'll be happy with its strength 

I also hatched a cunning little idea: Brush holders. A very simple idea which looks as great as it functions. All that makes it up is a few hooks, loops and some wood strips, left over from an old abandoned attempt at a gaming table.

I have space for five brushes, including my larger handled Army Painter brushes. I'm very tempted to repeat this on the other side of the desk for tools.

Next up, it's the actual shelving units, ready for project storage. And I also have a little surprise involving my old parts organisers. To finish up, here is the running total of my expenditures so far:

Budget: £20

Bedside table:             £3
Replacement wheels:   £2.99
Wood:                        £5.99
Hooks and loops:        £0.70
Nails:                          £1.98

Total spend: £14.66

Remaining budget: £5.34