Saturday, 2 March 2013

Showcase: Chaos Land Raider Armoured Proteus

Khotep eyed up the battered Land Raider in front of him. One lascannnon battery had been ripped off in battle, and the paintwork was blemished by numerous burns. The assault ramp at the front was severely dented, caving in at one side, likely from a high-speed collision. Khotep knew it was still functional and indeed repairable, the Land Raider is well built and designed for the most brutal of combat. Still, it pained him to see a relic of the heresy in such a state.

He had ordered the driver to appear before him in the workshop. Khotep's mechandrites knew who this was, and knew of what he did. They snapped and hissed at the marine, the marine not even flinching. This specimen was not there during the great wars, and thus showed hardly as much respect.

"You see this? This, is a machine of chaos, and you have shown little care for it. You're mongrel heritage has left your ability to respect...lacking"

The marine spoke: "It does not matter, the soldiers of the false emperor have been..."

Before finishing, khotep grabbed the marine by the neck with two of his tendrils, pinning him against the side of a half-built Idolator, feet hanging two feet from the floor. His remaining mechatendries hissed and spat boiling plasma. Khotep brought one of the serpentine heads of his tools close to him,  a welding torch built within its maw. It sparked as Khotep stroked the head of the semi-alive bionics like a loving pet. His head snapped violently towards the marine, his grip on the him tightening. Ceramite began to groan.

"Show such disrespect to my war machines again and I'll allow the denizens to use you as their plaything, when I intern you in a defiler as a sacrifice. Understand?"

The marine attempted to nod. Khotep dropped the marine unceremoniously to the floor and continued in his work, directing a pair of captured Atlas's towards the Land Raider.

Since Khotep's outburst, the Land Raider is now in a showcase condition, for you all to enjoy.

The key change to the kit you'll notice is the assault ramp. I added this so it can be used as a regular Land Raider in standard games, and I needed one to be completely game-legal and WYSIWYG. It was made with plasticard sheeting, with strips on the front to mimic the design of the lower ramp. Extra parts were added to the top ramp to show the hinge mechanism, the hinge clamps actually being parts of the Proteus kit.

The Heavy Bolters have been customised with daemon heads from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue. The original bolter barrels were inserted into the open maws. I didn't like the idea of drilling into them, or just leaving them as they are.

To make it appear a chaos Space Marine vehicle, without slapping a few dozen spikes on it, I added this simple banding over the hull, doors and sponsons. This was done with plasticard strips and small triangle shapes.

Chain was added to select areas to help suggest a chaotic ownership. The 'bolt's holding them on are little balls of Greenstuff.

With the painting, I wanted a more 'used and worn' appearance. I used a stippling brush to add chipping, mainly to the yellows where it is more visible. After this, the weathering stick game out, and I went to town, trying to create a more dusty appearance. I tried it on the tracks, and I feel that after a lot of work with a watered brush, it looks effective.

Now that this beast is complete, I can get back to the unit it'll be transporting, my Tartaros Terminators.

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