Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Fellblade Project: Part Four (Serious Horsepower)

Ozhmund Kotep stood amongst a sea of engine components; pistons, gears and bolts. Grabbing parts in order, left to right, he dipped hands into a great gold vat, containing a mix of human and xenos blood, Screamer venom, and machine oil, before placing the dripping components back on the tables perfectly aligned in groups of nine. His assistant, former magos Farox, had been observing this ritual for the past six hours. The machine priest's allegiance to the Thousand Sons had been so far brief, only defecting to them over a week ago. Fresh sigils of chaos covered his former god's symbols, and he wore a gold spiked band around his neck.

"Query, Master Khotep,  senior-techmarine for the XV legion, designation: Thousand Sons, Excommunicate Traitoris. What is the purpose of submerging holy components in this substance?"

Khotep remained silent.

"Query, Master Khotep, senior-techmarine of..."

"It's to bless the war-machine and bond it with daemons", Said Khotep, impatience evident in his voice.

"But by my calculations, Master Khotep, senior-techmarine for the XV legion, designation: Thousand Sons, Excommunicate Traitoris, this substance will increase the rate of deterioration by 0.7382% in all metallic components, and 1.2532% in rubbers and plastics."

"It is essential, my assistant", Khotep emphasised the 'assistant' part of the sentence. The magos was thrown to him by his warlord as a servant.

"Your rites of the machine are very similar to those I observed from Fenris' own..."

Khotep stopped still, blood dripping down from his hands, then turned fast, punching the magos square in the face, sending him to the floor. The magos' left-side eye lenses were cracked by the impact.

"Do not speak of the Wolves of that dog-emperor in my sanctum! Do you recognise what this is?". Khotep took out a bolt pistol.

"Yes, Master Khotep, senior-techmarine for the XV legion, designation: Thousand Sons, Excommunicate Traitoris. It is a bolt pistol, pattern unknown, some identifiable parts, Phobos pattern, Indominus pattern. Recalibrated to take 0.50 calibre bolt shells"

"Yes, and if you mention...Space Wolves, in this workshop again, you'll get a 0.50 calibre bolt shell to the face, understood?"

The magos remained silent, but Khotep knew he had understood. He went back to his ritual, dipping more components in the blood/oil mixture.

Where I left the Fellblade last time

Finally, after a long while, I'm back to working on the Fellblade. Yaaaaaaaay. Still so much work to do, but I feel a lot more motivated to get this beast up and running.

So far this weekend, I've been focusing my attentions on the engine section, hoping to shove some serious power under the hood.

The engine from the existing Baneblade had been cut away last time I shared progress, and reshaped with plasticard to sit lower and further back. This work has now been completed. Whilst it's not perfect, it is only the first layer, and will be covered in new panels and details.

I decided to make my own, larger version of a Helfire reactor (like those used in Chaos Contemptor Dreadnoughts). the base-parts for this are the two halves of a Leman Russ Executioner Plasma Cannon. I wanted something techy, and something which would take a glow-effect well.

The large exhausts are actually Forgefiend Hades Autocannons. There's something both intimidating and retro about them, and I was instantly attracted to the idea of using them. The smaller exhausts are Big Shoota barrels left over from my Bomma-to-Thunderbolt conversion.

The engine covers are taken from the Bomma kit. They're not glued down, as I want to add another layer of plasticard, so the covers fit flush. I may also add some vents, made from various turbine components (Warp talon backpacks, drop pod vents etc.).

Once the engine is done, I will finish the hull and start riveting this beast. The turret will be the next step, something I am dreading. will be a challenge to sculpt a dome...


  1. Wow,you continue to amaze me with your scratch builds/conversions. Just epic., Keep it up dude.

  2. Very cool. I like what you're doing with the chassis sides, capturing the Rhino aesthetic on a bigger scale.