Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review: Mantic Hailstorm Cannon

I have been in the mood, for some time, to make my own unit. Having looked at the rules for the Rapier laser cannon, I felt like adjusting the rules so my Thousand Sons can use them. Of course they would only be used for friendlies and Apocalypse games, but I fancied the challenge. I also needed a cheap alternative model, which is where the Mantic Hailstorm cannon comes in, fresh from their Warpath range and in an unusual VHS style box.

My first thoughts are "not bad". they are sizeable beasts, and for around £10 a go they are a really good price, a third of the official model's cost.
The main assembly of the body-3 pieces

The model comes in several pieces, all of which slip together easily; there are no instructions  but to be fair, the model is simple enough to build. No options though which is disappointing. The parts were not on a sprue, but did look like they were at one point and were ripped off, rather than cut. This has left some slight damage where too much of the sprue was ripped off and took some of the model with it, leaving a puckered dent or chunk of mauled plastic/resin.

I was disappointed about a few more things. First off, the design is a tad...basic to what I'm used to. Quite a lot of the model is chunky and simple, with a number of 'soft details';apart from the treads, they're well done. Of course I can add my own details and change the model about, which is one good thing. I do have to saw off the seat for my conversion, as the whole middle body is one piece. Parts of the model were warped, some of them the really thick pieces like the track units. One of the gun-shields was quite badly warped, it's a good thing I don't need that part.

On one of the models, I was also missing something, the tip of one of the gun batteries. I won't need it in my conversions, but it would have been nice to have got the full kit (I know, it's probably a one off).

Overall, a 6/10 for this model, for those who like a number. It is cheap and has potential, but the quality, whilst not appalling  isn't the best I've been blessed with lately. Here's a summary of the good and bad things about the Hailstorm gun:

-Simple to build
-Free "Mantic points" (collect them to get free mantic stuff!)

-Quality issues
-Basic Design-limits customisability without serious hacking/slashing
-Some details not as well-defined as they could be


  1. You beat me to the punch, I was planning on doing an article on using these as cheap thudd guns (or even thunderfires if you cant use them as thudd guns. 60 bucks for three? yes please

    1. Feel free to still write about them, would love to hear your thoughts :) Using these as count-as rapiers/thudd guns/thunderfire cannons seems to be a popular idea. Cheap too!

      -Power Armoured Metal

    2. Cool post man, I've thought a couple of times about getting one for the tracks to mount a dread body on them, but unsure how it would look size wise. They could be an option!