Thursday, 2 May 2013

Road to Wartorn: Part One

Once a mind is set to do something, something will be done. After deciding to enter an event at Wartorn UK 2013, and coming up with a first draft of my list, I've set on the task of getting the army ship-shape. You never know, there might be a 'best army' award going around at the event. One can dream, but there's nothing wrong with having a dream, and being proud of a  nicely painted army is better than any award. For the benefit of those reading, here is my 1500 points list again:

HQ-Sorcerer, mastery three, Terminator armour, mark of tzeentch, spell familiar
ELITES-3 mutilators, veterans of the long war
TROOPS-20 cultists, 17 autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers
TROOPS-21 cultists, 2 flamers
TROOPS-9 Thousand Sons, meltabombs, rhino
FAST ATTACK-Heldrake, Hades autocannon
HEAVY SUPPORT-Vindicator, siege shield, warpflame gargoyles
HEAVY SUPPORT-5 havocs, 4 autocannons

One major thing I need to do is finish painting the Thousand Sons squad, which as been re-built from the ground up with paint-stripped pieces and new parts from Anvil Industries. As of last night, the robes are 95% done, the gold is complete, as is the blue and yellow. The squad still needs their backpacks, a few details and basing, but once those small things have been done the squad will be complete.

Their rhino has undergone a few adjustments and repairs. One of the dragon heads on the exhausts went missing, but fortunately I had a single spare. One of the front armour panels also received a piece of chaos brass etch.

In my list, the Vindicator has a siege shield, and thus my model, to be visually game-legal, needed one. This is my attempt, based on a cut-down version of the Rhino-based Vindicator's blade. Because the Leman Russ hull is a different shape and size, I needed to create a different support set to attach the blade, similar to Imperial Guard dozer blades. It was make with I-beam shaped rod, tubes for the pistons, Gale-force nine cables, and some magnets. The front has been tidied up with plasticard strips, and more details will come soon. I like the original paint-scheme on this dozer blade, so I'll be repainting it in the same style, but neater.

The Autocannon havocs are also on my to-do list. With the Anvil Industries order, I bought two of their Autocannons, which fit quite nicely on a space marine sized model. The other two are custom built, using ork Shootas leftover from the Bomma conversion. One of which has an ammo box which was spare from the Anvil autocannons.

after these units have been completed, I'll probably be moving on the Heldrake and Cultist squads, which leaves the sorcerer and mutilators to finish.

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