Saturday, 1 June 2013

Showcase: Mutilators of Tzeentch

The Eternally Damned are whispered amongst new recruits of the Kamirian Crusade as a rumour, a myth of fallen heroes. They say that long-dead heroes of the Black Templars still roam the world, under the powers of a great heretic in the sector. What the Marshals hide from them is that it is no myth. 

Some years ago, in the Kamir sector, Marshal Gordarius and his two honour-guard captains were slain in battle by a sorcerer, Ramshek of the Thousand Sons. Not only did he kill three heroes of the imperium, he tortures their now soulless bodies by returning them to life, albeit in a far more twisted and debased form. Now these hulking monsters act as a bodyguard to one of the most dangerous individuals in the sector; the reason behind the Kamirian Crusade. 

The mutilators are done! I’m very pleased with them, considering that they are mostly covered in something normal Thousand Sons are not: flesh and skin.

The models have been drastically reposed and have had helmets added (from the Terminator, Raptor and Forsaken sprues). Tips on how to do this are in this post on Mutilator modification.

Because of my fluff, and because I thought a normal flesh tone wouldn’t look right on these guys, I decided to go with an unnatural, un-dead daemon tone. It starts off as Daemonette Hide, followed by a wash of Druchii Violet, and after some tidying with more Daemonette hide, it gets a highlight of Slaanesh Grey.

The various bladed protrusions and their paint scheme were difficult to decide on. I didn’t want to do bone, since they are power-weapons in style and shape, but I didn’t want to do the normal power-weapon colours; I didn’t think it would suit. In the end, I went with an unpowered black metal finish. Chaos black, highlighted with a bit of grey. The more bone like spikes and claws were painted in bone colours.

Since these models are brutal close combatants, I wanted to show how vicious they can be in combat. I decided to cover parts of their weapons and armour (splash staining) with a concocted blood effect. It was painted using Tamiya Clear red and Aggrax Earthshade in varying mixes to get different shades. I dripped a bit on the bases to suggest they have committed fresh kills. I also added tiny amounts of the blood substance to tears in the skin, where cabling was bursting out.

To finish, here’s a image of the Mutilators guarding their necromantic master, Ramshek.

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