Thursday, 18 July 2013

Showcase: Bolt Action Flammpanzer B2 (f)

As some of you may know, I like unusual vehicles. I own several Horus Heresy pattern tanks, I've created a custom-pattern of Vindicator, and I regularly modify standard tanks.

Today, I'm sharing a more historical oddball, the Flammpanzer B2 (f), from Warlord Games' historical WWII war game, Bolt Action. Based on the good but outdated French Char b1 'bis', it's an unusual tank which happens to be very good. It has good medium armour, is immune to armour penalties due to its thick plating, oh, and it has a flame-thrower at the front. Much fun will be had...

I've decided to paint it in an early to mid war scheme, since this was when most B1s were captured and used. I've gone with a flat grey scheme, befitting the era my army will be themed (1940-1943). I've gone for minimal wear and tear, as I imagine this is a fresh capture and conversion. Still, a flat grey scheme was a bit boring, so I added a tiny bit of pigmentation to the side plates.

All the symbols were freehanded, and were very simple and fun to do. I added a unit number to the turret, and iron crosses on the other side of the turret and the hull.

The commander was a small conversion job. The kit did not come with a German commander, just a French one. However, with a simple head-swap with one from the plastic Blitzkrieg Germans kit (which I have to say is a fantastic kit), the commander looked suitably...well, German. Also, pointy hats look great.

The tracks and metals (exhaust pipe) were painted differently to my 40k tracks. I went with a more oxidised and worn colour scheme. I stated with Vallejo German Camo Brown Medium, followed by some light stippling of GW Troll slayer Orange, Boltgun Metal, and a few heavy brown and black washes to finish off. The whole model was sprayed in a matt varnish to remove the shine.

So with the hard hitting tank done, it's on to the smaller, but still essential, infantry.

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