Thursday, 4 July 2013

WIP: Chaos Spartan Kit-Bash Part One: New Tank, Old Tank

The Spartan is the Land Raider's body-building cousin: the same as our favourite heavy Space Marine tank, only with bigger guns, more hull-points, and more lifting capabilities. It's hard to resist having such a beast in my army, and now I'm going to start working on one.

Currently, I don't have the funds for an official Spartan (though I may get one as a "happy 21st birthday to me" present). What I do have is one of my old Land Raiders, which I think with a bit of work can make a convincing imitation. And because it'll be mostly GW, I can use it anywhere I want*.

I'm starting off with my Land Raider MKIIB conversion. It has, in recent years, been looking very tired and worn. More so when it tried to sky drop-hug the floor at the supermarket. Since it hasn't been doing much for me game or space wise, I've decided to donate it's broken body to the cause.

My first plan of action is to paint-strip the hull, and remove all unnecessary components (roof, tracks, track guards etc.). Once done, The hull will be widened by about 3mm, and I will make a start of the basic hull shapes: the gun mount, the large assault ramp, the roof and the engine.

One the central hull is done, I will move on to the side armour plates. After that, it'll be the track units, then guns, then any random details to finish off. I've managed to find two metal bobbins, which will make a great pair of front rollers for the tracks.

Once complete, it should be wider and longer compared to a standard Land Raider, meaning a suitable size to mimic the Spartan model. Keep an eye out on this blog and the Facebook page for more updates.

*Providing I am allowed to use Forge World rules.

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