Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fun With Forge World (500 pts)

I love forge World models. Not only do they look great, they spice up normal games, and help more stagnant feeling codexes and armies get a new lease of life. In this mini-series, I'll be sharing my thoughts on how I plan to integrate Forge World units into my normal armies (mainly Chaos Space Marines), at different points levels, and how units can be handy in each scale of warfare.

Five hundred points doesn't sound like much, but there are units which can be used at this level, and that leave enough points for the essential units. At this level, it's hard to find usable units, due to the points demands of the essentials. However, I'll highlight one I've been thinking of using, the Chaos Relic Predator.

At a base cost of 75 points, this ancient Predator variation is great for smaller games thanks to its cheapness. It costs the same as a normal predator, and can even take the same gear for the same points. But that's not why you choose it: it's appeal lies in its greater choice of weapons, including executioner plasma cannons, conversion beamers and Magna-melta cannons. It also makes a great addition to "renegade loyalists". You could run a Blood Angels war band that has fallen to Khone, using these as daemonic Baals, or use the Executioner armed variant to add some flavour to your Dark Angles Fallen army.

A combination I plan to use is a Flamestorm Cannon and either Heavy Flamers of Heavy Bolters. This set-up only costs 110 points, which leaves plenty of points for other units. Even the most expensive main gun wont take the tank over 120 points (unless you take side guns). My list based around this tank would be similar to this: 

HQ-sorcerer (Mark of Tzeentch, Mastery level 2, aura of dark glory)

Troops-20 Cultists (17 Autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers). 5 Thousand Sons (melta bombs)

Heavy Support-Chaos Relic Predator (Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Bolters, combi-melta/plasma).

The good things about this small scale is that you shouldn't face a massive amount of big-hitters, so it should survive long enough to utilise the marine-slaying Flamestorm. Also, because it is so cheap, it means you have more points to buy your own heavy-hitting units to support the tank, particularly against opposing armour. To help with armour, my sorcerers will have force staves for +2 strength, and meltabombs in case even that wont do. The combi weapon on the tank is insurance. The list would still struggle against armour and 2+ saves, but the point of this exercise was to show how Forge World units can be integrated at such small levels. The stength of this list is it's anti-infantry power, up to and including power armour. The high level of AP3 (and an AP3 ignores cover weapons) will certainly scare all those new marine armies that will pop up soon with the next codex. 

Even though I won't use the following units, here's a few point-in-briefs about other cheap units you could have a go with:

Blood Slaughterer-similar to a dreadnought, but more entertaining. The cheapest daemon engine by around 70 points, with an Impaler, this can be a very fun unit to throw into all close combat situations. Harpoon your enemies and reel them in for a bloody close combat phase.

Blight Drone- A flying battle-cannon firing prawn/ceiling fan hybrid, this creature is very handy for blasting units from the skies. it requires a unit of Plague marines to be used, which in turn requires a Nurgle lord. A lot of boxes to tick, but a ton of sickening fun to be had. 

Giant Spawn-a large, tough monstrous creature for less than 100 points can't be a bad thing. It's what it says on the tin, a giant version of the spawn; same point, direct and release strategy, and the same style of random abilities, only bigger. Can't complain with a 1/3 chance of getting a 2+ feel-no-pain. 

Sentry Pylon-This Necron artillery piece gives the robotic armies a tough firing platform armed with some incredibly potent weapons. Whilst less mobile, it has a good range on most of it's available guns, and costs less than 1/3 of your 500 point limit. 

Eldar Hornet-This fast skimmer is able to shoot no matter how fast it goes: great for racing around the enemy and flanking them with a variety of optional weapons. All for 75 points per Hornet. 

Next time, I'll be thinking about a potential 1000 points list, and accessing some of the bigger and scarier units.

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  1. Good read! Though I'm not entirely happy with this book due to the many nerfs and tweaks with existing units. I agree upon your take on what FW units add to regular games. I'm always shocked to see tournaments banning FW due to cranky rules/model availability.