Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tutorial: Painting Chaotic Trim

Markings and iconography are very important. They distinguish ally from foe, alien from human, holy or heretical. Today, I’m going to teach you how to do chaos-styled trim markings, ideal for any of your vehicles. All you need is a good fine pointed brush and the colours you wish to use.

Start off by painting on some basic lines with your base coat colour. I find it best to follow the edges and lines of armour panels and plates.then work out where you want your “big spikes” to go. One way to do this is to start with your corners; paint on some lines coming out of the main trim lines. Then add another central to the corner spikes. After that, judge for yourself if you need any more big spikes.

Once the spikes have been placed, tip each one with an arrow head. Feel free to do a straight, barbed or curved one, depending on what look you want.

Next up is to blend in the spikes better with the main line. Use curving shapes to seamlessly join up lines. Do the same with the arrow heads.

Blocking out the arrows is the next step. Fill in the gaps, do not worry about messiness, you can clean up later.

Add some extra details, such as smaller spikes and barbs. For the truly chaotic, places these at random.
Once all the basics are done, go over everything with your main colour. 

Then tidy up.

To finish off, highlight select edges, to make your freehand pop.

Now that you know how to paint these marking, I hope to see several of you sending in photos of your work.

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