Thursday, 17 October 2013

showcase: Decimator Daemon Engine of Tzeentch

Round after round punched into the towering daemon engine. One bright lascannon round smashed into the machine's eye socket, and it reeled back, keeling over and landing with a heavy thud. Hooting and cheering from the Venator crew filled the air. The crew exited, and one walked closer to the fallen engine.

"Don't get too close man", said the driver"

"Don't you be such a baby grox Hotchkin!" retorted the guarsdmen.

He clambered over the daemon engine, mindful of the spiked surface.

"Hotchkin, get this. Will make a great pict to send home"

"No Franklins, keep away from it"

"Ah you're just scared, this thing is dead, see?"

Franks kicked the machines head, nothing. Then, one eye started glowing, followed by the burned hole where the other was. The metal around it appeared to turn to water, then started reforming into a gleaming gold faceplate.

"Crap! Get back now, the damn things not dead!" Franklins yelled, leaping off the daemon engine. It began to sit up. One of its gun arms, which had been sheered off by lascannon fire, began to float mid air, slowly moving back, and reconnecting as both cut ends melted back together.

It stood, appearing s if no damage had ever befallen it. It bellowed in a metallic rage. A hastily fired lascannon shot struck its shoulder, burning a deep furrow through it. A bunch of barbed spikes burst out of the wound, leaking what looked like oily blood.

The daemon engine bellowed again, and fired its energy weapons. Several beams of multi-coloured light struck the lightly armed Taros Venator, destroying it in an enormous cloud if fire. Pieces of metal scythed through the air, tearing Hotchkins into ribbons. Franklins was struck in the thigh by a half-metre shard and fell screaming. The metal monster loomed over him, blocking the light of the twin suns. It lifted a huge metal foot, and Franklins prayed to the Emperor. 

The Decimator is complete, and today I'm sharing my finished work.

This was an interesting vehicle to work on, and the first time I've sprayed parts separately before assembling fully. The "skeleton" of the Decimator was primed black, and painted  silver and brass. The few blue areas were painted after. The armour (legs and shoulders) were primed Ultramarine Blue. Once the colours were washed and highlighted, he whole vehicle was then covered in a ton of scripture, glyphs and symbols

I wanted the daemon engine to look ancient and venerated, so I used Vallejo Liquid Gold instead of my usual gold scheme.

I added a few daemonic design cues to the model, and painted them to suggest a living thing. The central back exhausts were actually painted like burned hollow bones. I also added plenty of blood effects inside the spike-wound on the shoulder, as well as the snarling daemon mouth on the knee. I added little drips on the toes and base to suggest a fresh kill. As well as that, I freehanded plenty of eyes and daemon maws on the flat surfaces.

All in all it's been a fun machine to work on. Next up for this machine is to work on its other weapon options. First of those will be the very brutal siege claws.

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