Thursday, 24 October 2013

WIP: Deimos/Lucius Vindicator (Part Two)

Some more progress to report on my heavy siege weapon of doom.

I'm at the final detailing stage, all that is left to do at the moment is to add rivets, then I can get on with painting.

I plan to run this tank with Daemonic Possession, but I've gone with a different way to represent it than the Relic Predator. Rather than have fleshy daemonic denizens writhing across the hull, I've gone with a more "spiritual essence" for this tank. The chains have been added to suggest a binding ritual, and they are holding the angry spirit in place. I was somewhat inspired by this example.

I've added these panels to the rear vents, so help enforce the extra-armour look. These vent covers come from the plastic Baal Predator. I've swapped them over so the vents point backwards, like additional exhausts.

To help protect me from the inevitable weapon destroyed rolls, and for a tiny bit more fire-power, I've added this automated twin-linked bolter. this was made with two classic bolters. One was cut down so one side was flat, the other had a few details removed on the corresponding side, and the two were joined. simple.

For a paint scheme, I plan to go very weathered with this tank. This is somewhat of a Frankenstein's monster, so I plan to paint it as such. Glowing runes will surround the binding chains.

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