Saturday, 18 January 2014

WIP: The Avenged (Part Four): Reinforcements

Finally: after two weeks of near-solid coursework, I can finally get back to spending some quality time with the Avenged. The two week work placement left me with very little time to sleep, let alone work on the metal-themed war band. However, I did manage to get odds and ends done last weekend. So here is where I am at the moment.

I’m slowly getting enough to field a small army (which is the eventual plan). I have several units in-progress for Path to Damnation, plus a few extras in case I want to play bigger games or swap out units.
The first new unit, and one which will feature in the PtD campaign is this unit of Warp Talons.

I’ve chosen Warp Talons in the hope of being different. You don’t see them on the field that often. But seeing as I’m a “in it for fun” style of player, in they go. The models use the basic Warp Talon kit with a few additions. I’ve replaced most of the helmets with MKIII Iron helmets.

 The champion is the modified MkIII/skull helmet from a Warp Smith,
The models all have MkIII or MkIII-like shoulder pads on the right arm. The left arms have been left blank, as I’m to order some MKIII Night Lords.

An extra unit I’ve been making is a basic Chaos Space Marine squad. But nothing about the models is basic. So far I only have these two models, a Melta-gunner and a unit champion.

The Melta-gunner is made is several components. The body is half Chaplain, half chaos space marine, with a MkIII backpack. The arms, shoulders, Meltagun and head are from the Raptor/Warp Talon kit.

The champion perhaps has more interesting origins. When helping my girlfriend clear out/tidy up the junk models in her Chaos collection, I found an old Tyranic War Veteran model gunked in paint and damaged (we got these models free). Nicely she said I could have it, and after three nights in a Power Spray bath I turned it into this. Very little was done to the model to make it fit in, the alien skulls and swords are cool general icons. I finished filing the left shoulder pad and Ultramarine icons off the model. Part of the right arm was sawn off, and in its place went a Power Fist from the Raptor box. A MkIII backpack finishes the model. The bare chest was given a vent sliced off a standard backpack. This will be connected to the hoses with greenstuff.

The next stage of the army is to finish the squad to make it five-man, and build a Predator for some heavy-armour support. I need some more MkIII backpacks to finish building the squad, so if anyone has some going spare I’m willing to trade! The Predator is an in-progress idea. I may get a Deimos, or I may make use of one of my unused old Rhinos, with an additional turret, perhaps a modified Leman Russ.

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