Saturday, 26 April 2014

Review: Spellcrow Plague Legion Bits Part 1/7 (legs)

The Plague God leaves no body un-ravaged, not even the mighty Astartes are immune to his loving embrace. Many have fallen to Lord Nurgle, and today, I’m showing off a bits set ideal for use on Nurgle –marked squads of Plague Marines.

This leg set is one of the many Plague Knights sets from Spellcrow. This pack consists of six pairs, three designs, and costs eight Euros, around £6.60 GBP with current exchange rates.

The designs share a lot of similarities: massively corroded armour, insect hive-like pitted surfaces, and bulbous fungal growths, the hallmarks of diseased super-soldiers. The images below show each design up-close:

MKVI-esque legs with spikes and boots.

Rounded knees with fungus shin and hooves.

Rounded knees with worms and boots.

Apart from some largish resin gates on the undersides of the feet, there are no obvious flaws. Also it is Nurgly, so flaws are easier to disguise and would fit in with the Plague Marine theme.  The legs scale well with other parts, and are about on-par with GW plastic legs.

They are compatible with GW plastic torsos, as shown. There is an obvious style difference, but with added work to the non-Spellcrow parts, and with paint, they should blend well.

As you can expect, they are well-suited for Spellcrow’s other Plague Knights components. Here is a pair of legs with a Plague Knight torso, which will receive its own review in time.

This set, then, is a good addition for making your marines true servants of the Plague God. The next item I will review will be the torso sets. Throughout this review series, the parts will be combined, so by the final review, there will be a fully built Plague Legionnaire for you to ogle, that will give you an idea of how all the sets look when combined.

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  1. Glad to see the SpellCrow brand, grow the bits are really very good quality, we included bits Spellcrow there is time in the BitzStore shop.

    Good start working, I will follow the progress of your Plague Knights on your blog.

    Good continuation