Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review: Spellcrow Plague Legion Bits Part 2/7 (torsos)

The Plague Legions cometh!

Today is part two of my Plague Legions review series. Last time, I looked at Spellcrow’s great-looking leg set, and today is the next important part of a fully armoured and fully disgusting Plague legionnaire, the torso.
The Plague Legion torso set comes with ten torsos, with five different designs. The set costs £6.50 (8 Euros). A close of up each is shown below:

Ruptured stomach

Cabled stomach


Toothed chest

Mark of Nurgle

Each torso is fully compatible with both GW and other third party components. The above model shows the Plague Legion Torso to be compatible with GW arms and legs, a Maxmini jump pack and an Evil Craft head. This is what you want from third party components; full compatibility. These parts are ideal for power-armoured models, but not Terminator or bigger.

As expected, the torsos fit well to Spellcrow's leg set.

If I were to point out a flaw, it is this. There is a resin gate on the back of the neck. Whilst in most cases you won’t see it once cut off, it is harder to cut off than the arm-mounted gates without damaging the collar. Fortunately only one style had this gate.

Despite this flaw the set is an ideal addition if you’re wanting to modify existing troops into the plague-ridden sons of Nurgle.

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