Thursday, 6 November 2014

WIP: Close Combat Contemptor and Chaos Rapier

First off, an apology for the recent peace on the blog. A combination of work, family life and car-related work has taken up most of my time, leaving little for the likes of 40k. But now I can get back to writing, and I'll be starting off with my current projects.

For a while I've been meaning to show you more of my redone chaos contemptor dreadnought. This one was my first contemptor, and is the one you've seen at least once each time you've visited the blog (hint: look at the top). It had been looking quite tired against my newer projects, and if I am honest, a little plain. So here's the latest version.

The trim you see around the edges brings it in line with my other Contemptor.

I wanted to add more chaotic details to this model. Two gargoyle heads have replaced the exhaust rings (which were actually reused to make the gemstone surrounds on the shoulders). two small horns have gone in the rings above the contemptor's head. these are the horn tips from the CSM Icon of Tzeentch. I think that they are subtle, yet suggest that this is a dark machine of Chaos.

My favourite part remains the Soul Burner. Using parts leftover from Nagash, I've created a "spirit cannon", which fires the flaming souls of the damned at my enemies. Painting has begun, and I hope to achieve results similar to those on my recently finished Spartan.

Now, onto this fun little side project. I was so excited to discover chaos space marines could finally use rapier weapons platforms. Having made a few for kicks, it’s great to be able to use them. I plan to get a squad of three heavy bolter armed rapiers for some serious anti horde.

I did notice one interesting load out...the Cyclotrathe pattern conversion beamer: essentially a short range hcb. This looks like a fun powerful gun, so I've turned one of my planned custom builds into a Cyclotrathe variant.

The track unit is make from thinned down Taurox units, with plasticard tracks. The gun is mostly Necron Gauss Cannon components, with added pistons, spikes, and mechanical do-dads. The read is made of random junk, mainly part of a Grenade launcher from the Bullgryn set, and Necron cut-offs. Despite being made of junk, I think it works well as a rapier gun. All it needs now is a brother and some Chaos Space Marine crew.

That is all for today, but stay tuned on Facebook for more.


  1. That is one awesome contemptor. Love all the characterization you've done with him. The necron takes the cake :). The spirit cannon is going to look extremely cool once it's painted. I can see where you are going with it, the paint job will sell it 100%!

    You seem to be a master of reusing bits :).

  2. LOVE the spirit from the flamer. Great idea!