Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy 2014: 2014's Top Six Posts

2014 has been a pretty tough year. Whilst there has been a lot of good, there has also been an Ork junk-planet’s worth of bad. But this blog has been keeping me going, and I thank you all for supporting it, through viewing the blog, supporting the Facebook page and getting involved.

 As of writing, the blog has just surpassed 200,000 views. I know that is nothing in comparison to the bigger websites out there, but to me it is a significant milestone.  I’m hoping to advance the blog next year to a new stage, with better content and more in terms of subscriber involvement. But I need your help. Share the blog, get people subscribing, and suggest content that you are keen to see. Do you want advice on a certain technique? Is there a new range I should review? All of your input is listened to and I hope to do more for you all next year.

To finish this year, here are the top six posts of the year, as determined by viewing figures and popularity with readers. Apologies in advance for the broken images on my links. I haven't a clue why it has happened (I suspect the hosting has changed, thus resulting in all my URL links breaking), but I have placed an image with each post so you at least have an idea of what was shown.

#6-Taurox Alpha Showcase

This was a fun one for me, and at number six it was clearly a popular choice with you guys. This model came about as a two-fold experiment. Firstly, I wanted to try out Forge World’s Imperial Armour: Masterclass books, and see if they made my painting any better. And they did. Secondly, I wanted to see if I could make the Marmite-like Taurox kit look good. And, thanks to some great parts from Blood and Skulls Industries, I managed those aims. What I was left with was a cool up-armoured truck perfect for representing Chimeras and the like in a Renegade army.

#5-Blood and Skulls Tank Treads of Doom!

The first review on this list, these spikey tracks were very popular, and I had many people ask me about them. Another Blood and Skulls product, they are a great addition to any battle machine, be it Chaotic, or just a bit radical. They were a key component to the equally popular Chaos Spartan series. Overall they were a well-received product, and I do hope the guys who make the set have benefited from the glowing review and continue to send fantastic parts my way (hint *wink*).

#4-Home Brewed Lascannons

Building your own parts is a fun way to save money and try something new, and many of you got on board with this next post. Here, I shared my way of building one of Warhammer 40,000’s most iconic anti-tank guns, and judging by the popularity of this post, it won’t be the last.

#3-Plastic Daemon Magnus

Oh boy did you like this. Utilising the popular updated Nagash model, my rendition of the fallen Daemon Primarch of Tzeentch was the most talked about conversion of this year. Although I haven’t updated you all on the model recently, I can assure you that I haven’t abandoned the project, and I will showcase any progress in the new year.

#2-Evil Craft parts

The review of this relative newcomer’s products was very popular, both with you and with me. I loved the design and exceptional quality, and I can tell you all that I have more fantastic EC goodies to review next year, in the form of a ranged squad, autocannoniers, and specialist ranged weapons. This is a company to keep an eye on, and if they go where I think they will, they will do fantastic. Evil Craft, if you are reading this, Terminator parts will do very well in my eyes!

#1 Drumroll please...

And at number one, well what else could it be? In a direct link to number six, we have the fantastic Blood and Skulls wheel set (there’s seems to be a pattern here don’t you think?). Whatever it is that makes Blood and Skulls parts so popular (probably the amazing range and designs?) appears to make any post that covers them popular with you guys. This set, released to meet the demand for wheeled Tauroxes, was your chosen post of the year. I can see why, with an amazing product to review, I really enjoyed writing that post, and having done this for many years, you find that the posts you love working on the most do the best.

On that note, I end the blog for another year. May you all have a fantastic New Year and here’s hoping 2015 has a lot to look forward to.

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