Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Workshop Datalogs (February 2015)

Hello, and welcome to the first post of a new series, Workshop Datalogs. This is a new segment in which I share with you what is on my workbench at the time, and give hints towards future articles and projects (with some super-secret items you’ll just have to look for). This is great for when I have a lot of things on the go, but not enough to write a whole post for each item. For example, when I’ve started painting a unit I wrote about a week ago). This week, I have a selection of painted projects, an update on a current rebuild, and a mini-preview of an upcoming review.

Let us start off with the Renegade Command Squad from last week. It now has a little colour on it, with most of the base colours completed. I have decided to add a little bit of added colour (greens and greys) to differentiate them from other squads.

I decided that I would paint the banner as if it were a captured Krieg artefact. A basecoat of Vallejo Reflective Green forms the main colour of this piece. I have yet to find a good design for the banner, so please feel free to share links of good designs.

I also have this Necron Overlord on my workbench. This is for my girlfriend’s Necron army, and started life as a bunch of spare bits and so leftover from other models. The body is from an old metal lord, whilst the arms are from the plastic barge lord. The left hand is from a junked Flayed One I was given, which came with two left hands. A 40mm base completes the model, and has made something which is pretty unique amongst an army of carbon-copy automatons.

You may recognise this tank from one of my more recent reviews: the Deimos Predator that acted as a test mule for Blood and Skulls’ awesome track set. Whilst planning that article, I thought that the tank itself could do with a few repairs and a new paint job: in fact, all of my tanks previous to the Spartan have been looking a little tired. So having decided to make a change, I stripped the tank down and removed most of the paint. Having used the tank with a jury-rigged Executioner Plasma Cannon (simply two plasma cannons glued together) to great effect, I decided to make it a more permanent feature.

The new main gun still uses a Plasma Cannon as the basis, but widened to about double its standard width, making it one big gun rather than two glued together. It has been widened with plasticard, and some additional plasma cannon cores. It is early days, and I plan to wire it in to the main turret, which will receive more “plasma” like details such as cables and vents.

The tank's new brutal look has been helped by this big plow, from the Chimera set. The old dozer blades are now…

…on the front of this; the Land Raider Armoured Proteus. This final piece means that, apart from a tiny bit of detailing, the tank is ready for some paint. I plan to paint all my future Thousand Sons tanks and infantry in a quartered yellow/blue scheme, as seen on the Ferrus Infernum Dreadnought I recently finished. If anyone has a suitable suggestion for transferring this scheme from walker to tank, comment below or on Facebook.

On the review side of things, I have this lined up next: an upgrade for the 40k Chimera kit. This hull and turret set comes from Blood and Skulls Industries, and replaces the standard roof/hull and turret to give the standard set a different look. Initial thoughts suggest that it is perfect for people who don’t like having six Lasguns waving about, and want a bigger turret (which also comes with an Autocannon).A full review of this set will go up this weekend.

That is all for this week, so keep an eye out for further updates on Facebook or twitter. By the way, have you spotted the bonus model? Comment below if you have.


  1. I always love the other companies upgrade kits. They help you really flesh out the look of vehicles to make them unique, instead of copies of one another.

  2. Love seeing other gamers hobby spaces. Makes me feel ok about the madness that consumes my own desk :p. Looking forward to reading more articles like this, they really get me pumped to work on a project. As for the bonus model, is it the tank-killer mounted in the land raider chassis?