Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tutorial: How To Make A Simple Viewing Port

A tank may have inches thick armour, cannons that would make even the largest bunker crumble, and the speed to evade incoming fire with ease, but all of these features are useless if the driver can't see out of the damn thing. 

Today's post will show you budding scratch-builders how to make a very simple and quick glass-lens viewing port in four easy stages.. This is a great way to add detail to a model, and can be done at any scale, using the same basic ingredients. For this, you will need:

-basic tools (knife, drill, plastic and super glue
-a small piece of plasticard.
-a short length of half-round rod (you can use full rod, but it will be more difficult).
-some thin plasticard strips.
-rivets. For this example I have used nail art beads, but you can shave rivets or bolts from tanks, or use cut up round rod.

1) Cut out your hatch plate, It should be rectangular, and big enough to fit the viewing port and trim with space around the outside.

2) Cut a short piece of half-round rod, and glue it centrally onto the rectangle you just cut.

3) Using the thin strips of flat plasticard, make trim to go all away around the half-round piece. At this stage the viewing port is pretty much done, and the next stage is just for detail (and to fit into the 40k aesthetic that is rivets, rivets and more rivets).

5)  Drill out holes for the rivets (if using beads) or glue on your pre-made rivets, plastic rod, or whatever you have chosen for this stage. After this, round of or shape any corners if you wish to do so, and then glue your port to your vehicle. Sit back and admire you work, safe in the knowledge that your army can see out of your latest armoured death machine.

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