Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Age of Sigmar: Ranged Units and Me

Age of Sigmar has taught me one thing recently: using an army with no ranged abilities is quite hard. Also, don't be a doofus and remove your banners by mistake (stopped my Grave Guard resurrecting). This week, I've made a couple of new additions which should hopefully have me covered. I won't be going back to a fully-shooty force, but I would benefit from one unit that can do so.

Firstly we have this unit of Skeleton 'archers'. Since the new rules landed, I can use any unit from a Death army, which includes Tomb Kings. Their army has Skeleton Archers, a unit which would be very handy in my skeleton-themed force. However, the models are both outdated and of the wrong theme (ancient Egypt vs the Transylvania look I'm going for). So I cam up with these, after seeing Yogscast member Duncan playing Hand of Fate.

These Skeleton Musket-men are based on the standard Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors set, with rifles (and some helmets) taken from a Perry British Riflemen set. The models have an undead-conquistador look to them, which both reflects the monster cards in Hand of Fate, and are a nice stand-in unit.

As well as this ranged unit, a Necromancer has been added. At the moment this is a stand-in conversion until I find a nice skeleton-like model to represent a Necromancer, or get a Vampire. It is based on a plastic Flamer, with parts from the Black Knights and Empire Flagellants set making up the upper body.

Next after this will be a monster. I've been told this big monsters are a big part of this game, so I may invest in a larger model. I'm tempted by the Zombie Dragon, though a Black Coach might be a great opportunity to convert something special.


  1. How you liking it so far Matt? Liking your stand in conversion!

    1. I'm enjoying it. Yet to win a game though, so just need to work on my list and my tactics. Might drop the hounds for another unit, we'll see.