Sunday, 28 February 2016

Showcse: Thousand Sons Revisit, First 600 Points

This year I've decided to roll out a new colour scheme for the army: one I've trailed before on newer models (such as my possessed). Today's post showcases the first 600 points, and is what I plan to start using at a local campaign event at our new GW store.

 First off, we'll start off with the list:

HQ-Sorcerer, mark of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, Lightning claw, gift of mutation

ELITES-Helbrute, Twin Heavy Bolter, Power Fist, Twin Bolter

TROOPS-5 Thousand Sons (Force Axe, meltabombs)

TROOPS-5 Thousand Sons (force staff, meltabombs)

FAST-2 Chaos Spawn

Overall this list should be very effective against power armour. The AP3 bolters make light work of marines (last game they easily ripped up some tactical squads and devastators. With plenty of sorcerers I also generate a good handful of power dice. Meltabombs on the characters give me a bit of insurance against walkers or MCs that get too close.

Whilst the sons take out infantry, the dreadnought helps soak up return fire and can handle most unit types.

Leading the force is a sorcerer on a disk, both to unlock sons as troops, and to take on enemy commanders and vehicles, where strength 6 (8 with fiery form and staff, or strength 6 with shred from the claw) can take on the majority of vehicles from the back. The disc helps with survivability and mobility. I plan to upgrade the mastery level at higher points levels, and will try to squeeze in a familiar for more reliable casting.

The spawn are there to soak up shots and act as bodyguards to weaken squads whilst the sorcerer handles any characters. Made from the now OOP Tomb Kings Ushabti, they form a great looking and thematic bodyguard unit. I have a third model to make, but I'll need to source another pair of arms.

This list does struggle against any flyers, so the next upgrade will be a form of AA or heavier weapons. It is also a very elite force, numbering only 14 models. Using such a small force should be interested for developing tactics and handling different opponents. I have plenty of cool models coming up for this army, so stay tuned for more.


  1. Nice concise list, outstanding modelling and painting, the lord on disc is ace